People with the Irlen Syndrome often display typical signs.
Answer the questions below to see if you are at risk.

Low Moderate High. Consult now!
1. Need to take breaks when reading?
2. Reading is tiring?
3. Bright lights, sunlight, or fluorescents are unpleasant?
4. Headaches from bright lights, sunlight, or fluorescent lights?
5. Prefer reading in dim light?
6. The glare off high-gloss white paper and the outside light on overcast days are unpleasant?
7. Skipping words or lines, rereading lines, or often losing your place on the page?
8. Reading makes eyes watery? Often rub while reading?

One or two checks may be due to a fluke or an untreated eye problem. Three checks or more are very indicative of Irlen Syndrome. It then becomes important to follow up with an assessment.

Disclaimer: the Irlenometer© is valid only as an indicator of the level of risk. Only a certified Irlen screener can establish if you have Irlen Syndrome or not.